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Custom software development and outsourcing company with over 10 years of experience in connecting business platforms - online stores, delivery companies, and distributors throughout Europe and beyond.
  • E-Commerce – Development of custom software and integration of online markets, delivery companies, retailers, distributors and payment processing platforms.
  • Finance – Development and integration of accounting, payroll, capital managment tools and services.
  • Healthcare – Development and maintenance of electronic health records, appointment scheduling and patient portals.
Our company has established integrations with over 100 reputable companies throughout Europe

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Working rates indicated are roughly estimated, and may vary depending on the project and complexity of the tasks.
  • Development of microservices and integration of existing API services up-to selected endpoints
  • Development of complex store backends
  • Integration of online stores, delivery companies, retailers, distributors and payment processing platforms
  • Highly customized development
  • 6 months of post-development continuos support
  • DevOps setup and deployment

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Frequently Asked Questions

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